App Exploration


Mobile and Web Technology Startups Need Our Services

It is easier than ever before to create a technology startups, particularly if you are a technical founder and can build it yourself. Free, open source software is available. Cloud computing makes it cheaper than ever to build and run highly advanced software architecture by the minute, hour, day, or month.

The stories about technology geeks in garages striking it rich are everywhere since the dot com boom (and still persist even after the bust).

As a technical founder, the world is your oyster. As long as you can also bring the business savvy to the table that is required to actually get a technology startup off the ground.


But what about non-technical founders?

Unfortunately, non-technical founders of technology companies stand at a distinct disadvantage, no matter how good their idea is or how ripe the market is for it.

Simply because so much of their business success relies on a deep understanding of how technology is created, they are often forced to try and find a software developer as a contractor, as a cofounder or as an outsourced technology company.

This has lots of inherent problems, but chief among those problems is that startups typically do not have a lot of cash to get off the ground.

That means, they don’t have a lot of cash to devote to experienced software engineers who can put the company on the best track for success as quickly as possible.


The best of both worlds for non-technical founders

At Ruby Shore, we realize that our rates often price us out of the more “competitive” global rates that every one of our customers have access to.

But we still get approached over and over by would-be technology entrepreneurs with questions like:

“How much could I expect to pay? What is the proper path to building and launching my idea? Who should I hire? What’s the easiest way to launch my brand?” and many more questions.


An optimally priced option, just for you

If you’re a non-technical founder wondering how to get off the ground quickly yet still have world class experts guiding your company’s first steps, we’ve created a packaged service specifically for you.

If you’re asking any of the following questions, then you should absolutely give us a call to learn more about our exploration package:

What programming language should my company invest in?

What design rules do I need to follow to create a stellar product?

What’s possible with technology? What’s impossible?

Is a prototype worth it? Should my company focus on a bigger launch?

What is the minimally viable product I can build with the funds I have?

Less than the cost of most websites, have confidence in your path forward during the most critical point of your startup

For less than the cost of a typical website you’d be proud of, we can answer all of those questions and more. Our team of expert designers, developers, and entrepreneurs will deliver the following, customized to your specific goals for your company:

  • An Executive Summary of the technical and potential business hurdles for your startup
  • A User Experience Flowchart, where you can visualize how potential customers and users of your app will interact with your software
  • Wireframes of each potential screen required for your minimally viable product to launch
  • A Wireframe Walkthrough that explains rationale and reasoning behind each design and path that your users and customers will take
  • An Infrastructure Flowchart which illustrates all of the software architecture required for your startup to launch and stay running during peak activity
  • A deeply detailed Software Engineering Estimate that will tell you precisely where most of the efforts will need to be focused to launch, and that any developer can look at and understand
  • A list of tasks with suggested milestones and estimated timelines that a software developer can internalize and agree with
  • One-on-one meetings and consultations with each expert on our team for you to get as much understanding as possible

Armed with a plan of action from expert software developers, designers, and entrepreneurial staff

If you are a non-technical entrepreneur, you owe it to yourself to explore the future of your product as deeply as possible before committing dollars to software development efforts.

The package we’ve created was custom tailored with you in mind after our experts have worked with dozens of technology startups over the years. We have a deep understand of your specific challenges in the technology space, and believe that any founder, technical or non-technical, can launch a successful technology business.

To have the best chance of success, though, it requires a deep expertise and experienced designers and developers to guide you.

With our Exploration services, now you can do that without breaking the bank, and without setting off into the unknown to figure it out alone.