The Ultimate Content Management System for News Stations

Information at the speed of light

Running a news station is hectic. There are so many moving parts and the information is constantly being shipped in and out of the station. Your job is to keep up with the madness and deliver the news to the people. Our job? To give you the tools to do that with efficiency and with ease.

Lunablox by Ruby Shore Software offers a flexible, scalable, client-managed approach to media websites. This true, Web 2.0 solution, is designed for organizations with constantly changing information that also needs to deliver video content over the web.

Some of the basics

Lunablox is built with news stations in mind. You need a content management system that is easy to use, reliable and can carry a heavy load. Here are just a few things Lunablox can do and offers:

  • You own the content.
    Integrates with third-party ad networks
  • Simple to monetize through localized, targeted content and advertising
  • Drag and Drop technology manages layouts, sorting, and navigation
  • SEO Friendly to improve organic rankings
  • Freedom from development bottlenecks with the easy to use features created for non-technical users
  • Content lifecycle management tools allow users to effectively move information through creation, approval, publishing and archiving
  • Scheduling allows content to be automatically published or removed at a specific date/ time
  • Feed YouTube Channels with video content
  • Every content element is a distributable feed that can become part of someone else’s site, blog or Podcast.
  • Easily plugs into the text service of your choice

Video is king

Your news station’s production value is important and should be at the forefront of your website. We know that nowadays video content is one of the most watched media sources. Your video should not suffer because of a faulty system or poor backend setup. Lunablox is built on the idea that you need to serve news video, articles and updates to millions of people quickly. And it does just that.

User interaction

You don’t want to just deliver news, you want to engage with the community and have a platform so that the community can interact with you. Lunablox is built with all sort of systems to allow users to interact with your website. Want to have a rating system for all of your videos and content? How about allowing users to submit images or videos directly to you? We here at Ruby Shore believe that being able to engage with the community is a big part of running a business.

Here are some of the social networking tools Lunablox will offer:

  • Ratings on all videos, images, and articles
  • Email to Friend
  • Bookmark on Digg,, Facebook,
  • Technorati, and over 30 more
  • Comments
  • Accepts user-submitted images and video – automatically converts any video file type to Flash

We know you are busy running your news station and making sure the people are getting the information they need on a daily basis. With Lunablox you can rest assured that your content will be delivered quickly, efficiently and with your customer’s in mind.