Oil & Gas Management

Giving you the technology you need in the field

Tried and True

The Oil and Gas industry is a constantly evolving industry. There are always ups and downs and you work hard to keep everything moving forward. With that, you rely on your technology and company software to last and be efficient. There is no time to have faulty software or technology that is constantly slowing you down. You need something that will not only serve to handle your data but also keep your company moving forward. You need something built to last.

Nail down the essentials

Sometimes you have software with too much fluff that gets in your way of what you are trying to accomplish. We can squash that right out of the gate. With our App Exploration service, we sit down with you to figure what you need and what you don’t. There will be no wasted time or resources in what we build for you. What you can expect from the software we build for you:


We know technology can be complicated sometimes and tough to understand. Don’t worry we can make your interfaces easy to navigate and understand.

Seamless integration with other technologies:

You may have many other systems connected to one peice of software that makes everything work in tandem. We’ll make sure that those systems stay intact while we build your new software.

Improved performance:

Tired of software slowing down or crashing while out on the job? We can craft a product that is durable and stable, even out in the field.

Guaranteed to improve workflow:

We want your new software to not only serve as a central point for all your data but to also make your processes more efficient.

It doesn’t just need to work

You can get anyone to build you something that works. That’s not the problem. The problem is not having something that enhances your ability to do your job. We here at Ruby Shore believe that technology exists to better our lives. We think that should translate over to how we operate and get work done. And we don’t want to build you something that checks a box but instead work with you to build something to make your business processes more efficient.