Custom Software Showcase

Always Building Great Things


Red Ball Oxygen

A company in business since 1930, Red Ball Oxygen has seen a lot of technology in the workforce. Ruby Shore has assisted them on a number of projects that required specialized tooling to connect to their legacy data infrastructure.


You’ve probably used a car manufacturer’s build-a-car app to help you choose colors and packages. Fibrebond needed something similar to allow select customers to configure their own systems. The difference is that these are orders of magnitude more complex with 1000s of interdependent options. We built the app to make that possible.

Rimcor – Time and Expense Management

Tracking jobs can become tedious, time consuming, and can introduce human errors depending on the amount of human calculation work involved. We reviewed Rimcor’s paper process and built a software solution to automate calculations and detailed reports.

Efficient Oilfield Solutions

Working with special government agencies and departments, business services need to be organized and efficient. Efficient Oilfield Solutions took carbon copy forms and replicated them into a mobile application to help track reporting and save room from not having to collect and store physical documents.

ZOLL® RescuerLink

There’s a lot of brainstorming when designing an application that works in real time with first aid responders to alert them of emergency situations where they can offer help. We collected ZOLL’s ideas and concerns, and crafted a polished prototype for testing and gathering stakeholder buy-in.

ZOLL® PlusTrac®

AEDs are life-saving devices that are installed all around the globe. To ensure those devices are in good working order and in compliance with potential regulations in their region, you need software to manage that fleet of AEDs and their readiness. We helped build the current version of PlusTrac® over 10 years ago and are in the process of giving it a major refresh.

ZOLL® Rescue Ready® Monitor

Many of the world’s AEDs have to be inspected manually to ensure their readiness. By tethering a small, specialized device alongside AEDs that cannot self report, we can automate their inspections and keep more of the world’s AEDs ready to save a life. We teamed up with ZOLL® to build a mobile application that helps set up a Rescue Ready® Monitor for the first time.