Websites & Digital Marketing


It’s time to turn your business into a digital masterpiece.

Creating a website is easier than ever

Having a website for your business nowadays is a no-brainer and can take as little as a few minutes to set up. With tools like Squarespace and Wix, anyone can go online and create a visually appealing website.

That’s great in terms of accessibility and the evolving age of technology. But how is that cookie cutter website going to help your business? That’s where we step in.

Your website is a marketing asset


Your website should be a tool to help lead people to the door. When we build websites we have your customer in mind and want to deliver a user-friendly experience to anyone who visits your site. How we craft our website is where the magic takes place.


We just don’t pick a theme and call it a day. We take the time to get to know your business and gather that crucial information we need – like who your customers are, what they care about, why they seek you out – to create something uniquely tailored, beautiful and built to last.

What’s it like to work with us?


  • A kickoff meeting to get to know you and your business
  • We create a high-level outline of the site to nail down the structure
  • Then we break down the outline into a flowchart which will simulate the user experience and behavior
  • After the flowchart, we then create a wireframe of the whole site which will flesh out each individual page or page type to solidify design and layout
  • We then take the wireframe and build out the actual site on the web
  • After the site is built we send it to you for review
  • Finally, after updates have been made and you approve we launch the site into the wild

We deliver more than a website. We deliver experience and expertise.

Not only will your site look stunning and be the online showcase your business deserves, but it will also be jammed pack with extra tools. See we don’t just want you to have a website, we want that website to help grow your business. We have a whole slew of extra things we use while building your website:


We make sure to include high-value keywords and optimize your most important pages to help you climb that Google ranking ladder. We’ll even analyze your competitors if you want us to.


Our tools make sure your website is on lockdown and repels any unnecessary spam and attacks. We also have fantastic backup and restore strategies just in case something happens – we can get back up and running in no time.


A lot of the times users will fill out that contact form. Don’t let that go to spam. With our messaging tools, you will never miss another contact email.


Want to update the site yourself? Want to add some hefty changes quickly? We can do both! We are eager to help.

Our passion for web design matches your passion for your business. We want to help fuel and grow your business through an incredible web presence that people remember.

Digital Marketing

Make your business shine on the web

Just like having a website, having an online presence is crucial in today’s world. So many people are on their phones looking for business and finding them at their fingertips. But how do you go about creating or enhancing your online presence for this mobile-first world?

Not only can we make your website look amazing, but we are experienced and ready to help you launch and sustain a healthy online reputation. In our super-connected world, we can help ensure that you not only stay at the top of mind, but you keep your 5-star reviews intact.

Facebook isn’t enough anymore


There are so many different ways to go about boosting your online presence. It takes dedicated professionals to create and manage effective social media campaigns. We have the tools to setup your online presence and the knowledge to improve it along the way.

Here are just a few things we help you with:

Reputation/Review Management:

This is key when handling your online reputation. Did someone leave you a negative review? A positive review? Are people talking about you on social media? We can help you capture all that data with ease.

Business Listing:

When creating the online presence you need to make sure your profile is uniform across the web. There is a way to many apps and directories with your business on there for you to manage. We have the tools and the know how to consolidate and manage all of that for you.

Google Ranking:

Ah yes, nothing feels quite as good as having your business pop on page one. But how do you get there? How long will it take? With persistence and care. Google can be tricky, but we also have some tricks up our sleeves.

Digital marketing done right

Alongside your online reputation, you want more people in the door right? How do you go about that? There are plenty of different ways to go about marketing your business, so where do you start? Just like online reputation, using the world wide web to reach people is crucial. How do you reach? We have a few methods and tools we use to help broadcast your business to your audience:


Want to reach people that have already been to your website or clicked on a specific link? We can help you do it! This is a great marketing tool as it targets users that have already shown interest in your business.

Digital Advertising

Let us help you develop a strategy that will best serve your business whether that be through Facebook Ads, Ads with Google, remarketing, video and more. Need help designing an ad? We do that do!

Email Marketing

Do you have a ton of email contacts but don’t how to go about using them effectively? We have access to tools others don’t, and we have helped businesses reach out more effectively and on a regular basis.

Social Media Marketing

You have a Twitter, a Facebook and even and Instagram, but they are not helping your business? Let our social media experts work with you to show you different methods and strategies to take advantage of your channels.

There is no one answer when it comes to digital marketing, and we here at Ruby Shore, know that. Digital marketing is like a car, there are lots of moving parts and putting an expert behind the wheel will help get you to your destination more easily.

Marketing doesn’t have to be scary, and it doesn’t have to feel like magic (though our customers tell us it does). We help every customer understand the why behind our methods as often as they like, and encourage them to actively monitor status with us.

Let us help take the mystery out of marketing. Give us a call! We’d love to talk to you!